CBH supports customers to maximise throughput in their production suites at best cost and with highest standards of final product quality. 

  • Source best-in-class excipients per application (coatings, flavours, natural colours …)
  • Introduce functional coatings (flavoured coatings, taste barriers, moisture barriers…)
  • Specify efficient production equipment matched to address project requirements
  • Optimise manufacturing process conditions to achieve highest standards of product quality
  • Deliver training for process operators, maintenance team and other key personnel
  • Provide 24-hour technical support (Remote and on-site process support)


FilmCoat360 training programs are tailored to suit the specific requirements of the customer:
Examples of Operator training programs offered include:

  • Features and benefits of tablet coatings
  • Equipment set-up and coating process optimisation
  • Importance of equipment cleaning and effective maintenance programs
  • Film coating process conditions and influence on quality
  • Process trouble shooting

For troubleshooting, please see our guide.